Friday, February 28, 2014

Before Testing Day

Before Cia entered the Testing, her brother was fighting to find a way out of of the Five Colonies. Everyone considers getting away from home, but for Zeen, home is stifling. The Testing is a one-way ticket our of the Five Colonies, but his father never prepared him for it, even though his father had gone through it himself. Instead, his father wants to keep him here, where he can protect and shelter him. But Zeen knows there is more to the world than the Five Colonies and he will do anything to see it. 

I am glad I got this little short for free, because it was only about 10 pages. Granted, it was interesting, and would have made a perfect first chapter to Testing Day, but I wouldn't pay for it separately. I was always interested in Cia's brothers, so it was interested to see a little more of Zeen. I just wish there was more to this story- only about 1/5 of what you download is the story- the other 80% is the first chapters of Testing Day

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