Friday, February 7, 2014

And the Fight Continues...

Review by Guest Reviewer, Andre Q. 

There are hundred of thousands of book in the world, although fantasy is one of dominate series, they appeal to both children and adults a like. They want a world that is not reality and all the pain it brings with itself. Many people escape into the world of fantasy, through Esther Hicks’s Vortex is a great example of such a book. It is a futuristic time period where the world is at war for resources and fighting has been replaced with machines shooting each other into oblivion. The best kind of a book is one where anyone could read the first few pages and instantaneously become addicted to the story.

Vortex takes place is a futuristic world that many hope to be a reality some day. Tom Rains, the main character, lives in the state New York at the Spire. He lives with a computer chip embedded within his cerebral cortex. This chip allows Rains to posses inhuman characteristics that essential to the success of his country and her allies. They fight as a combatant who drives a drone into space that is used as warfare than the traditional guns and knives. Rains is a maverick when it comes to actually training but when the matter is serious enough, he manages to pull through being assassinated, Having being a rough kid for a kid surrounded anyone in his neighborhood.

The character of Tom Rains, is a willful and private and sometimes the feeling of general resentment of his life because all of him family abandoned him to die all alone. One interesting quality that Rains never bow down to another man nor take any kind of insults to him and his friends. Rains stands firmly on the ground and refuses a solution that didn’t work out with his favor. He goes through the companies that sponsor all the combatants, that will chose their fate of whither he can become a Combatant or a walking database. Rains will always consider his actions but is also a troublemaker that lead to his humiliation numerous times. Rains does, sometimes, have his good ideas that allow him to move on and gain results from his actions that will change the outlook for the entire world that is engulfed with war.

Rains is a very dynamic character, he rushes in at first without thinking of the consequences, while later on he develops self control of his own emotions. Rains has many adventures and suffering, though his undying determination to change the world for the better. Having the same power as the Indo-China's ace pilot, Medusa, he uses his power in further better himself, though at times he uses that power for self benefit. Rains, though impulsive and often childish, puts his friends before him and does what is need to be done to protect them. Rains might have been a troublemaker and often poked fun at his enemies that later kicked him in the teeth, but he was able to turn all his misgivings around to achieve the goal of becoming a combatant. When he became a upper class of the combatants, even that was an act to save a friend from the clutches of multi-billion dollar company thats only aim was to unlock the secrets of Rains and Medusa’s hidden talents that even they can’t explain.

Overall, the book of Vortex was filled with extremely action packed and drawn me into reading more of the book. I wanted to read more of the adventures of Tom Rains, so every chance I got I picked up the book and began to read. The pilot had many turns and unsuspected events that they never ceased to amaze me. The character of Rains interested me because of his witty comments towards every event, but also his care and concern for his friends. Vortex was the one of the best books that I have read in a while.    

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