Monday, January 21, 2013

You'll Love it Through the Ever Night

Through the Ever Night
Aria and Perry are the couple who made us all melt in Under the Never Sky. She was a Dweller, living in the high tech domes who was cast out into Perry's post-apocalyptic world where food is scarce and every place you go dangers greet you. In Veronica Rossi's Through the Ever Night, their story continues as they fight to protect those they love and most of all, to return back to one another.

Now that Perry is Blood Lord of the Tides after his brother's death, he has more responsibilities than he knows what to do with. With a tribe full of starving people and the Aether storms threatening to kill them all, he can barely keep everyone alive let alone work past the fact that most of his tribe thinks he is incompetent. But when Aria finally returns to him, he feels like things might eventually be better than they are now. There is hope. But when his tribe proves they don't want Aria to be marked as an Aud (a person with super hearing), as one of them, and they do so by poisoning the ink used to make her marks and almost kill her, he realizes he is torn between his heart and his responsibility.

Aria knows what she has to do to protect Perry, and it is the hardest thing she has ever done in her life: she has to leave him. In order to save Perry's nephew Talon from the dome, she must bargain with its crazy leader, the very man who exiled her from the dome. And the only thing she has left to bargain with is the Still Blue- the one place left safe from the Aether storms. But the one man who knows how to get to the Still Blue is the very man who bought Perry's sister from their older brother. And Sable isn't a bargaining kind of man. With the weight of the world on their shoulders, Perry and Aria must find a way to solve all their problems, all their people, and find each other again.

Can I just tell you how much I love Perry and Aria? They are amazing. And the thing I love the most about them is they know the world is bigger than just the two of them. Their loyalties to their people and their friends and family leaves them unselfish and makes their love just that much more special. It was hard to watch them be physically apart for the majority of this book, but you knew how necessary it was. Their sacrifice made the continuation of the story that much stronger. 

This story continues to balance between tortured post-apocalyptic landscape and high sci-fi, super tech futuristic world. It makes the story fascinating and addictive. While the landscape is fascinating, it is the characters who will keep you coming back. Even the supporting characters are just as compelling as Perry and Aria. Roar is a man you can't wrap your head around, and yet you just adore him. Rossi has a talent for dynamic characters who you can't help but find yourself emotionally invested in. It makes for a great story, and most of all, it will keep you coming back!

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