Friday, January 25, 2013

What goes down in California stays in California.
by Paige C.

Art Geeks and Prom Queens by Alyson Noel is a fiction book. There are  a lot of  great themes in the book. One of them is looking good is better than not looking good at all. Another one is being popular is better than being a geek. One of the big problems in the book is  when a girl lets go of her true self and starts to acted like one of the popular girls. Alyson Noel wrote  some overall  great books like Forever summer, and  Kiss & Blog. The story line of the whole book was that a girl name Rio moved from New York all the way to California. She had to leave all her friends at home and go to a new school with no one that she knew there. She made new friends, and then the most popular girl in school asked her to sit at her table. She sat there, and left her friends that were there for her in the begin. Then the scandal happened with Rio and her new friends. You're going to have to read the book to see what Rio does. How can she go from being the art geek to popular? There were some interesting moments in the book that you would never guess that happened.  Rio does things that you would never think she would or wanted to do. The reason is in the beginning of the book she is  just the nice new girl in the school that knows no one and likes to do art. Then all of sudden she turns into this girl that no one likes because the popular kids changed her. She realizes that no one would like to be friends with a girls like that . Some possibilities the book suggests is that you need to stay true to yourself and never change just because you want to fit in. Stay true to yourself because sooner or later you will find a really great friend who will be there for you even when you think they don’t like you. If you're hooked now just wait till you get your hands on the book and can’t  put it down for one second because once you open it, you will never want  to put it down. This is one of my favorite books ever, and every teen girl who is going in to high school or is in a private school and misses public school or have problems making  friends and keeping them should read it. It will make you feel like you are back there, and it's a great book for teen girls. I would recommend it to you. 

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