Sunday, December 30, 2012

Untold and Unstrung

Who can imagine a world where doctors "unwind" people by taking them apart and using their parts to use in transplants for other people? Neal Shusterman can, and in this short story from the Unwind series, he gives you a taste of how unwinding creeps through all of society... even those who don't want to be a part of the horrid practice.

Lev was a tithe- a donation to the system of unwinding by his family. He is supposed to be proud of his gift to the system, but he escapes before they can take him apart. When he ends up on a reservation, he learns the ways of the people who refused to be a part of the unwinding society. Instead, they have perfected using animal parts if needed, but the rest of society doesn't want to know about their ability to not use unwound people. They like using people, because it is a great way to do away with society's undesirables. But unfortunately, the kids on the reservation aren't safe. And Lev and the tribe learn that the hard way.

At first I wasn't impressed with this short story, but by the end, it was terrifying. I guess I was never a fan of Lev's, so I didn't care much to hear more about him, but the end of this story was devastating, even though you only know Will for a few short chapters. But that is the brilliance of Shusterman. He knows how to clock you in the gut and make you thank him for it! Great story!

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