Friday, December 28, 2012

The Assassin Meets the Desert

The Assassin and the Desert (Throne of Glass)
Celaena may be one of the most feared assassins, but her training never ends. And after setting the slaves free, her master isn't pleased with her. In The Assassin and the Desert, Celaena must seek the Silent Assassin Master for training and approval before she can return home. But after the beating her master gave her and what she fears he may have done to Sam, she is terrified to return.

The desert in the summer is more punishment than the beating she received ever was. She knows she must serve her penance for the slave escape, but she didn't expect her penance would come with such a surprise: friends. For once, Celaena actually feels like she belongs somewhere. Her roommate, although annoying at first, is even starting to grow on her. But the master hasn't agreed to train her himself, and without his approval she can't return home. Although she doesn't want to know what happened to Sam, she has to know.

Another great novella! I loved this one just as much as the last. In fact, I really hope Maas publishes these in paper as opposed to just ebooks because they are vital to understanding Celaena and everything she is doing now. This is a fabulous way to break in your new series, and congrats to Maas for such wonderful tales!

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