Monday, March 31, 2014

Before There was a Legend

June and Day couldn't be more opposite in the Legend series by Marie Lu. From two different worlds, they might as well have been born on different planets, but that doesn't mean they haven't both experienced struggles and won't both choose to do great things in their future. 

Day escaped the Republic's testings after failing his trial, but that doesn't mean they haven't forgotten about him. On the run and in hiding, he tries to keep a low profile, but that sometimes means going hungry. When a girl catches him trying to steal food from her father's shipment, she chooses not to hold that against him. In doing so, she gives him more courage than he could have wished for. 

June was admitted to the University at an unheard of age of twelve. She might be a prodigy, but that doesn't mean bigger, less intelligent people want her there overshadowing their own meager accomplishments. Being a prodigy means a lot of attention, and not all of it is good, but June refuses to be beaten when she can find a way to defend herself. 

These were two fun little prequels, but they are definitely short. I liked seeing a glimpse into Day and June's lives before Legend because it really gets you to love that they can overcome such differences to come together and do what they do. I would suggest these itty bitty stories to any fan of the series!

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