Tuesday, November 19, 2013

An Heir and A Warrior in One

Working my way backwards, I read the Seven Realms series first, and after recommending it to a dear, dear friend and hearing her rave about how much she loved it, I missed having a little Chima in my life! So I finally started The Warrior Heir and boy am I glad I did!

Jack may have to take medicine every day to stay alive, and he may have had heart surgery as a baby, but his life is still pretty unremarkable. Crushing on an unattainable girl, goofy friends, and soccer tryouts are his biggest concerns. Until his aunt Linda comes into town. When she convinces Jack and his two friends to come with her on a hunt for some genealogical hunt for information about their ancestors, Jack gets more information than he expected. When someone who can only be described as a wizard attacks them, Jack realizes there is more to his heritage than just heart disease. 

Then he finds the sword. Jack was born a wizard, but he was born without a wizard stone: the stone that sits behind the heart and determines the kind of Weirlind you are (warrior, enchanterer, wizard, etc.). Without the stone, he would have died, so a wizard doctor implanted a new stone, but she did something unexpected. She gave him a Warrior stone, not a Wizard stone. Now, as an amalgamation of warrior and wizard, Jack is highly sought after to fight in the wizard tournaments. Unfortunately, the tournaments are a battle to the death. Jack's sleepy, peaceful, normal life will never be normal again. 

You can definitely tell that this series came before the more sophisticated Seven Realms series, but it is still fantastic! From what I understand, the series is not an actual series, but more a group of companion novels set in the same world, which I don't mind (think Graceling!).  Jack's story was definitely interesting, and the history behind the wizards and the other Weirlind are fascinating. I hope the following books in the series delve even more into the back story in addition to how it moves forward. I also like the idea of companion novels instead of a series for my students, because they don't have to read the rest of the series to enjoy the story. 

The story itself is really mild and would be perfect for a high skilled middle school student. There are some wizardly clashes and the tournament, but it isn't particularly violent in a gratuitous way. This is a great new series either for Chima fans or newbies to fall in love with her writing. Most of all? It is a fun and exciting story. Jack is the kind of kid we all love and want to see triumph! And the supporting characters, like the magical folk all around his neighborhood who spent years protecting him, are fun too. You won't be sorry with more Chima in your life! It will just make you crave even more!

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