Thursday, March 14, 2013

Stellar Crimson Conclusion

The Crimson Crown (A Seven Realms Novel)
Raisa has always been the link between the queendom and the clans, but since she hid in plain site as a soldier in training and became close with so many people she never would have met as queen, she has become the link to bring together all the people in her lands. Unfortunately, the divisions are so deep and have run for so long, the people may never fully come together. In Cinda Williams Chima's final book in the Seven Realms Series, The Crimson Crown is a true masterpiece in this already stunning fantasy series.

After having assumed the throne, Raisa's decisions were constantly challenged. If they weren't challenged, it was because her enemies planned to dispose of her eventually anyway. One of her biggest battles was the placement of Han Allister, the former street thug, as her head body guard and her appointment of Han to the Wizard's Council. The wizards were always struggling to gain more power, and Han looking over their shoulders made those efforts decidedly more difficult. 

But Raisa's struggles inside the queendom were just one of her problems. Outside, she was being threatened by the southern thug who seemed to be collecting kingdoms in the Seven Realms, and his consumption of her queendom would end like all the rest: widespread slaughter and rape until he fully owned the land through force. Raisa is being pulled on all sides, and she doesn't have an answer for any of them. Barely keeping her queendom together is consuming almost all of her thoughts, but behind her struggles is one man who wants the best for Raisa: Han. Everyone tells her Han is working against her to take the throne, but Raisa can't believe he would do that. But Han is a tricky young man. Could he be the catalyst to bring the queendom back together again to fight their common enemy, or will their internal bickering be their demise?

Oh, dear. I loved this series from book to book to book, but this last in the series was the perfect conclusion. It was everything I wanted it to be and more. When you love a series as much as I loved The Seven Realms, you worry about the ending. Will it make you happy? Will you be surprised? Are you going to be left wanting more but knowing you weren't going to get it? And when I closed the cover after reading the final pages of this book, I realized just how brilliant Chima really is. This book covered all the bases I worried about and more. 

The beauty of this story is how you really get to see the relationship between Han and Raisa develop. She wants to keep him close to her and she trusts him fully, but no one else does. It is hard defending him when his history as a thief and a gang leader looms over his new-found success as a member of the wizard council, but she continues to do so, knowing he is a good person. I loved this relationship and how they protected one another time and again. Even though they were forbidden to be together, they would be close in anyway they could, even with him as her bodyguard. It was really a lovely romance to follow, and I selfishly wish I had more! But still, this was a fabulous story from Chima, and while it is the conclusion, it is still action-packed right up until the last page. If you haven't started this series yet, I have one thing to say to you... WHAT are you WAITING FOR??!!

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