Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hana in a Whole New Light

Finally a short story tied to a trilogy that actually has a purpose! After so many that were a total disappointment, I am excited to get this extra look into the life of Lena's best friend, Hana... the very girl whose rebellious ways led to Lena meeting the boy she fell in love with and gave up everything for...

Hana wanted to rebel. She went to underground concerts, talked to boys, and even kissed one. Hana wasn't going to let some rules stop her from enjoying herself. She knows her knew ways are driving her apart form Lena, but she needs to explore what else is out there. When an unexpected raid makes her realize just how dangerous what she is doing truly is, Hana decides to reconnect with the girl who always does the right thing: Lena. What she finds, though, is that Lena was the true rebel who wouldn't let any government stop her from falling in love.

I am really glad I gave this short story a try, because it adds wonderful insight into Delirium. We know Hana, and we know how she led to Lena's choices, but we don't really know Hana, until this story, it shows her transformation from the typical rebellious teen we know and expect to a girl who isn't willing to risk her life for a simple contest. In fact, this short story changes the entire tone of the ending of Delirium, giving you a new perspective on how everything happened. You might not be happy with how this story changes the trilogy, but everything will make more sense once you read it!

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