Monday, December 12, 2011

How Far Would You Go?

Flush, by Carl Hiaasen
Guest Reviewer, John Joseph 

This story starts off from the beginning with Noah and his sister Abbey trying to get Dusty Muleman back for their dad who was in prison because he sank Dusty’s boat. Their dad sank Dusty’s boat because he knew that Dusty was dumping his sewage into the water, and that is bad for the environment. The two kids tried to catch Dusty in the act of dumping his sewage tanks. They got some help from Shelly, a woman who used to work for Dusty.  Noah convinced her to get her job back so she could spy on Dusty for them. At the end, they got a great idea to sabotage Dusty by sneaking onto his boat and putting fuchsia food coloring in his sewage tanks.  When Dusty dumped them, the sewage showed up in the water.  Because of what they did, their dad got out of jail.       

I liked the story overall because it had some action and scary moments.  Another thing I liked was the kids trying to get back at Dusty for their dad. My favorite character was Noah because he was trying to help his dad.  I like this author because he makes such exciting and good books. I had also read another one of his books, Hoot, and I recommend this book if you like funny and scary moments.

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