Thursday, July 21, 2011

Don't Miss the next Big Trilogy!

Sometimes you read a book and just know it is going to be huge. It happened for me with HarryPotter, Twilight, Hunger Games, and a few others. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, you just know this book is going to be big. When my cousin recommended Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini, I picked it up because she has never led me astray. Then I read it and knew... just knew... it would be huge! You will be seeing more of this trilogy. Mark my words! Once this trilogy picks up steam, it is going to be as big as the others!

Helen's mom left her and Jerry, Helen's dad, when she was young. When she left, she took every picture and keepsake they had from her, but she left behind some memories. Helen tries to be normal, but on a small island like Nantucket with odd strength and speed like she has, that takes some effort. Lucky for Helen, her good friend Claire keeps her straight. But when a new family comes to the island, Helen wants to kill Lucas, one of the sons. She has never met him before, has no idea who he is, but she can't suppress the blind rage and drive for murder she is filled with every time she sees him. After she tries to kill him in the hallway and is sent home, she is sure she has gone crazy, especially when she sees three creepy ladies egging her rage on every time she sees Lucas.

When Lucas saves her from a fall when Helen (in a blind panic, running for her life) learned she could fly and fainted mid-air, something stops the voices of the three ladies. She and Lucas lie on the beach, bones mending, and they realize they don't want to kill each other anymore. He tells her the Furies have gone, and it must be because he saved her life. It is then that Helen learns the true nature of her strengths, which are because she is a demigod. Of the four houses of demigods, there was only supposed to be one left, Thebes, Lucas's family's house, but Helen is from a different house. Lucas's family explains there is an ancient pact the Gods struck after the Trojan War, that said the Four Houses must never join together, nor should there ever be only one house. If so, a war with the Gods would be struck. Some from the House of Thebes want to kill Helen, as the end of the other three houses will allow them to raise Atlantis and become immortal, but Lucas's family wants to keep her safe in order to stop the war. Unfortunately for Helen and Lucas, their lvoe for one another will also start a war, by bringing the two houses together. It seems Lucas and Helen are star-crossed lovers- doomed to live apart, doomed to love one another forever. But are they really?

Oh Good God(dess)es. This book just rocked. It gave me the same feeling I got from my beloved Harry Potter, and Twilight, and Hunger Games. I just loved everything about it. Lucas was simply irresistible. He was beautiful, deeply devoted, and protective. Helen was headstrong, loyal, and funny. The supporting characters, every last one of them, were fantastic. There wasn't a single piece of this story I didn't like... well except for the end... I didn't want it to end! And trust me, neither will you!

The story is about 500 pgs, which might be intimidating for your less skilled readers, but the story is tight enough and exciting enough to hold the attention of most kids. The content is appropriate for a wide range of kids, and the love scenes are very innocent. This is a great book for those kids (and adults) who love those epic trilogies and have been lost without a new one. They might want to kill someone when they realize they have to wait a whole year for the next book, but they will still love you for recommending such a great story! Don't wait- pick up Starcrossed NOW! You need Helen and Lucas in your life!

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