Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Still Hungry for Hunger Games?

The Hunger Games
by Guest Author Evan

The Hunger Games is a great book by Suzanne Collins. This is a fictional book with an odd futuristic concept. The story is told through a child's eyes. This book may be better for a more mature audience between the ages of 12 to 50. In my opinion the book is a heroic, action, false love story with no way out of your seat.
In the story two children are put through a life threatening endeavor. Decisions have to be made that never should have to be made by anyone. Love is really only a back drop for the big picture. This is definitely a memorable book. Some people may not agree with the positions the author puts the children in; it is a crazy concept, but it shows a different side of society. 
In my thoughts it shows a person’s true view of the future. I believe this book  shows a futuristic view of an extremist government. You just can’t put this book down after the first page. In the book, the author set up the ending so that you keep thinking about it. You just can't get the book off of your mind.

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